Introduction to the Celebration

Introduction to the Celebration

Sister Elaine will now call the capitulars and each one will respond: “Present.”

In order to emphasize our desire to work together during these three weeks, we will use sand as a common symbol.

Let us remember that sand is composed of different minerals, formed by a multitude of grains pressed one against the other, subjected to limitless forces rubbing them together.

Yet, sand has a certain fluidity and flexibility.  It has a variety of color, of nuance – all are important even those which do not appear.  Even more, sand characteristically captures the heat of the sun.

The gesture we are going to make now, symbolizes that, throughout the chapter, – the members of the assembly, – listening to the Spirit and to each other, will share its diversities, its differences, its riches, its talents, its divergent opinions, its wisdom, that is, all that each one is and possesses in order to build the future of the congregation.

Each one will receive a container of sand which she will slowly pour into the vase situated in the sanctuary Let us move forward then in faith with a sincere heart and a renewed evangelical spirit, remembering that we are invited to go beyond past inherited models and to both perceive and receive the newness brought about by the Spirit today.